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Families and Babies (FAB) is a charity providing support to families across the UK.

FAB are now pleased to be able to provide online breastfeeding peer supporter training. The course is a level two CERTA accredited training program designed to give the knowledge and skills to support families to breastfeed successfully. Individuals can register for training, if you are a registered student and can produce a current student union card or you are an organisation and have 10 or more learners we may be able to offer discounted prices. There are 11 sessions and 8 assessment pieces that each learner will need to complete over 8 weeks.

For further information or to enrol on our training please contact—

Our breastfeeding support service currently operate in three areas within the UK

Central Lancashire
PAN Dorset
Within these areas we have teams of peer supporters who provide breastfeeding support to local families throughout their breastfeeding journeys. This support can be tailored to the individual needs of each family and can start during pregnancy and continue as long as the family need us.

The Key Principles of FAB are;

To advance and promote the physical and physiological health of families
To promote the good health of children under the age of 5 and their families
To provide support, education and training to normalise breastfeeding
To support families by using evidence based research to provide training to promote healthy eating